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Bone Farm

About Us and the history of the farm

We are a small diverse family farm tucked in the hills of vermont. The farm has been in the family since 1901 and we are proud of our roots. We work very hard to be self sustainable. We put up our own feed for our cows in the winter. Summer they are on pasture as much as possible. We use the waste from our cows, chickens and rabbits in our compost to fertilize the fields and grow our vegetables. We do not use ANY chemicals herbicides or pesticides on our crops. We hand pick bugs and keep our soil healthy. Whatever we cannot sell we eat or feed our rabbits and pigs.We work with in the natural cycle of life and are always in awe of this beautiful exchange. We welcome visitors just be ready to follow us as we do chores as they are never ending, just as this beautiful cycle of life!

Our Products

We sell vegetables, sprouts, shoots, eggs, rabbit meat, maple syrup, honey, plant starts, and CSA shares

Featured Product

Potatoes!!!!!!!! 50cents a pound in 25 and 50 pound quantities.

Groton Growers,
Dec 13, 2013, 5:48 AM