Pros and Cons of Jenny Craig Diet

Hooked by the ads by Jenny Craig? Want to know more about it? That is absolutely normal if you do because it would be worse if you did not. Jenny Craig is one of the most convenient and useful diets of the modern times. But is it really that good? Let's discover jenny Craig diet advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Jenny Craig diet:

  • The service is totally personalized according to the customer's weight, medical conditions, and age. For example, if you are a vegan, this diet has options for you, however, not really much.
  • There is an online support or in person regarding your individual weight goals and motivation.
  • The service is convenient because you do not need to cook your food, except only putting it in the microwave for a couple of minutes as long as it is delivered prepackaged right to your doorstep.
  • The diet plan is easy to follow. There are recipes which are very simple. Also, food tips and exercise guide are provided.
  • The overall food taste is delicious, however, it may not satisfy every dieter.
  • The number of calories is already counted for you so there is no need for guesswork.
  • You can always get support from the local center, by phone, or online.
  • You can order foods online as well.
  • The diet plan does not advise to skip meals or starve.
  • The diet plan does encourage slow weight loss, step by step, because it is a more reliable way of slimming down than rapid drops in weight.
  • There are special opportunities for newbies that make the plan more affordable.
  • There are social networking opportunities, allowing dieters to support each other.
  • The meals are healthy and well-balanced with low cholesterol levels, sodium, and fat.

Cons of Jenny Craig diet:

  • The meal plans are rather expensive.
  • You might get tired of eating food from the microwave for months.
  • You may dislike food, especially, if you are a picky eater.
  • Those who have allergies cannot eat this food as well as those who are sensitive to soy, eggs, dairy, wheat (gluten), corn, sugar, and peanuts.
  • The overwhelming majority of food comes frozen, so if your fringe is small, it may be an issue for you.
  • If you have a family, it may also be challenging because you will have to cook separately for your family and yourself.
  • Going out for a dinner can be a problem too, as long as the food is delivered frozen and prepackaged.
  • Also, it will be difficult to follow this diet when traveling due to the same reason.
  • You may have issues transitioning ordinary food after you stop keeping a diet.

Reviewing pros and cons of Jenny Craig diet, you will find out that the number of benefits of Jenny Craig diet prevails. This is such a good diet for those who do not want to cook themselves, count calories, or have lack of motivation. However, the disadvantages of this diet plan also exist and should be taken into consideration. Before you choose this plan, it is recommended to scrutinize all the Jenny Craig diet pros and cons and ask your doctor for their piece of advice. Love yourself and stay slim!

Wish you to lose weight and feel great! Have a superb day!

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